What is the ZSO ?

Since the establishment of the South Holland Symphony Orchestra (abbreviated to ZSO in Dutch) in 2000, The Hague has been musically richer! The city already had a number of amateur orchestras with most older members as well as some youth orchestras .

Intermediate age

The ZSO caters for an intermediate age group.  The average age of orchestra members is around 40, unique for an orchestra with a steady membership.  The orchestra plays with a lot of energy and combines fun with high standards. Everyone is challenged to play well and improve, regardless of their playing ability. We are relatively small for a symphony orchestra so everyone’s contribution counts and is valued

We also maintain a healthy social side to the orchestra.


We have a musically adventurous track record. Our programs include a wide variety of compositions. In addition to the standard repertoire, for example, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky, we have also performed pieces composed by Debussy, Ravel and Gershwin. This develops flexibility and musicianship of the orchestra and makes our weekly rehearsals varied and challenging.

Furthermore, the orchestra aims to give talented young musicians a chance to perform as soloists which is not only inspirational for the soloist but also the orchestra.


We do not audition players who want to become a member.  We do ask for a reasonable level of musicianship and a sense of humor.  After a few rehearsals it is invariably clear if full membership is the right option.  There are quite a few international non-Dutch speaking members of the orchestra..

Rehearsals are held in the Dutch language.  With basic spoken Dutch (mainly letters and numbers) you will be able to follow which bar the orchestra is playing from.  The conductor gives guidance using Italian musical terms so our non-Dutch speaking members manage just fine.

Members pay an annual membership fee, with special rates for students and music students.
If this is appealing to you, please contact us via info@hetzso.nl